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AlectraDrive @Home

Enrolling single family homes – Limited spaces available

Do you own an Electric Vehicle (EV) and are an Alectra customer? If so, you have a chance to participate in a pilot program that aims to help improve your EV ownership experience

Pilot details

The AlectraDrive @Home pilot program aims to better understand EV charging behaviour “at home” and the impact of incentives on influencing customers’ charging patterns. The program will provide participants with convenient and affordable access to EV chargers, mitigate energy cost increases, and provide incentives for charging in a socially beneficial manner.

By participating in the pilot, you will also assist in improving Alectra’s charging network to enable more efficient, customer friendly charging solutions. Insights from the project will help inform an EV deployment model for residential customers.

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Limited spaces available


Eligibility Criteria for AlectraDrive @Home pilot project

To qualify for the current recruitment cycle of the AlectraDrive @Home pilot project you must:

  • Be an Alectra Utilities customer living in a single-family home *
  • Own and drive an EV
  • Have a location in your house where we can install an EV charging station
  • Not have a Level 2 charging station already installed

* Enrollment is closed for EV owners living in multi-unit buildings.

Benefits of participating in the AlectraDrive @Home pilot project

  • Participants will receive a highly subsidized Level 2 FLO CoRe+ EV charging station for a low subscription fee for the duration of the program (ending in September 2023). At the end of the pilot, you will be able to keep the charger at no additional cost.
  • The low monthly subscription fee covers the cost of the equipment, installation, maintenance and network fees, customer support, and warranties.
  • All charging station installation costs are factored into the monthly subscription fee. However, if your electrical panel needs an upgrade, this will be assessed on an individual basis. 



How many people are being enrolled in the AlectraDrive @Home pilot project program?

The current enrollment allotment of the program is limited to 30 participants split across both single-family homes and multi-residential buildings (enrollment for multi-residential is now closed). Please email for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions and confirm your eligibility. If you are found eligible, we will guide you through the onboarding process.

What are the expected results or outcomes from the AlectraDrive @Home program?

Results will include reduced transportation-related fuel costs for Canadian homes and businesses, as drivers will be more incentivized to purchase EVs over combustion engine automobiles and make better use of domestically produced electricity. 

The project will contribute to the national economy by developing innovative, made-in-Canada solutions and technologies that drive down costs for Canadians, reduce GHG emissions and demonstrate Canadian leadership in energy innovation.

I live in a condo and I am interested in AlectraDrive @Home pilot project program.

Through this project, Alectra aims to encourage access to EV charging in single-family and multi-unit residential buildings as well as encourage off-peak charging behaviours to benefit the EV drivers as well as the electricity system.

As of now, we have completed recruitment for multi-residential buildings. Please email us on in case you want to be enrolled for upcoming pilot projects.

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