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About Community Support

We care about our customers, the communities we serve and each other every day. Empowering and enhancing the quality of life in communities that we serve is a key component of AlectraCARES. Our community support efforts include sharing the power of our people through customer service excellence, volunteerism and supporting charities and not-for-profit organizations that promote sustainability, diversity and community well-being.

Alectra proudly gives back to ensure our communities have the support and resources they need to thrive. It starts with satisfying our customers with exceptional service. We are transforming the customer experience by providing broader services, more choice and greater value. We also serve our customers through community endeavours, charitable giving and employee volunteer programs. We believe that building sustainable communities means supporting our customers and the local organizations that support them. We continue to build upon our legacy of community well-being by aiding the work of local organizations within the areas of economic support, innovation, environment, culture, and healthy communities.

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