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Alectra Inc. is shaping the future of energy as we know it. We strive to provide safe, reliable and innovative energy solutions to families and businesses across the Greater Golden Horseshoe area, while maintaining financial strength and delivering value for our shareholders, customers, communities, and employees.

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2022 Annual ESG Report 

Our 2022 Annual ESG Report – Discovering the Possibilities – is a transition from our Annual Sustainability Report structure as it was informed by a comprehensive Materiality Assessment which asked stakeholders for their perspectives on issues of greatest importance to them, which were grouped under three categories: Environmental, Social and Governance. The cover was chosen to reflect the optimism following the last three years (post-COVID era). Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and severe weather events, Alectra achieved impressive performance by providing value to shareholders while focusing on delivering affordable, essential services and preparing for a transition to a lower-carbon future. Our 2022 Annual ESG Report features our advancements in these endeavors.

Download the 2022 Annual ESG Report

2021 Annual Sustainability Report

As we navigated year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, we released our fifth Annual Sustainability Report in 2021 – Discovering the Possibilities – to highlight Alectra’s ongoing commitment to social, environmental, and economic growth. Alectra operated primarily within a virtual environment while maintaining high levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction and achieving recognitions for environmental, social and governance goals. We were named a GTA Top Employer and listed as one of the Corporate Knights ‘Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada’. Our strong governance model promotes sustainability and diversity to ensure that the needs of our customers and communities are properly addressed.

Download the 2021 Annual Sustainability Report

2020 Annual Sustainability Report

In 2020, Alectra made substantial progress on advancing our sustainability performance. Alectra’s 2020 Annual Sustainability Report, again entitled Discovering the Possibilities, outlines our commitment to social responsibility, environmental accountability, and economic efficiency. The report illustrates our efforts to improve the customer experience by providing sustainable and powerful energy solutions. Despite the challenges faced by the pandemic, we successfully executed an unprecedented COVID-19 response for our employees and communities – while remaining focused on business continuity.

Download the 2020 Annual Sustainability Report

2019 Annual Sustainability Report

Alectra’s 2019 Annual Sustainability Report highlights our commitment to social responsibility, environmental accountability and economic efficiency. The 2019 report, entitled Discovering the Possibilities, details initiatives which contributed to Alectra's success during the year, including our improved customer satisfaction rating, the opening of the GRE&T Centre and our contributions of over $1 million to local charities and not-for profit organizations.

Download the 2019 Annual Sustainability Report

2018 Annual Sustainability Report

Sustainable power balances social responsibility and environmental accountability with economic efficiency – People, Planet and Performance. It is power that embraces innovation to improve our quality of life by providing safe and reliable energy solutions that help deliver value to our homes, workplaces and communities.

This is Alectra’s second Annual Sustainability Report which highlights our achievements in 2018.

Download the 2018 Annual Sustainability Report

2017 Annual Sustainability Report

Alectra is pleased to share our first sustainability report since we began operations following the completion of our merger on February 1, 2017. The sustainability-based annual report highlights our unique environmental, social and economic initiatives from 2017 as well as several excellent programs that were already in place at our predecessor companies.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in 2017 as Alectra and look forward to sharing our future successes with all our stakeholders, industry colleagues and the nearly one million homes and businesses we serve.

Download the 2017 Annual Sustainability Report



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