Community Safety Initiatives & News

Our top priority is the safety of our workers, contractors, customers and community. To promote safety for all, we encourage everyone to learn more and participate in our safety initiatives. 

Our safety efforts include:

  • Dig Safe Month – April is officially Dig Safe Month, right around the time when the ground begins to thaw. If you’re planning any yard work that requires digging, have a FREE underground cable locate done by Ontario One Call. They will notify the utilities with underground facilities in your area. Any buried electrical cables, gas lines, Internet or telephone wires on your property will be clearly marked before you dig. Click here for more information or to request a locate.
  • AlectraSafe Days – Every year we monitor AlectraSafe Days to track near misses, preventable vehicle incidents and environmental spills.
  • Alectra Sponsored Interactive Presentations – 36,729 students in 87 schools participate in interactive presentations that teach about electrical safety. Access more of our teacher resources.
  • Lineworker Appreciation Day – Alectra joined various electricity companies across Canada to celebrate the efficient, safe and collaborative work performed by lineworkers every year. The National Lineworker Appreciation Day was established by the Canadian Electricity Association to honour the highly trained people who maintain a complex electricity grid to keep the power on in our homes, schools and businesses. Alectra employees supported the initiative and contributed to nearly 2,700 signatures on the petition that helped establish this important day. 

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