Projects & New Investments

Alectra is working to reform the utility sector to provide our customers with new possibilities. Throughout our efforts to provide different services to our customers, we remain dedicated to delivering an interactive and interconnected ecosystem of power. 

Some of our recent initiatives are:

  • Our recently established GRE&T Centre is a place where great ideas for smarter, more efficient green technology solutions can be accelerated for commercialization in three strategic areas: Smart Cities, Grid Innovation and Advanced Planning.
  • $130 million for grid modernization renewal.
  • AlectraDrive@Work is multi-year pilot program that aims to demonstrate the value of smart electric vehicle (EV) charging systems for workplaces.
  • AlectraDrive@Home is a pilot program that conducts research and demonstration pilots to gain insight into residential EV charging behaviour. 
  • Power.House Hybrid Virtual Power Plant has equipped ten homes in Markham with digitally managed electrical and thermal technology, integrated controls and real-time grid greenhouse gas (GHG) signals, to demonstrate how virtual power plants can reduce GHG emissions and lower customer energy bills by optimizing grid integration.
  • Awarded the CEA Centre of Excellence Award in 2019 for our outstanding Advantage Power Pricing (APP) Program.
  • The Government of Canada is contributing $3 million to support GRE&T Centre projects.
  • Our Wires Alternatives Demonstration Project, in partnership with the IESO York Region, aims to design and demonstrate distribution energy resources (DERs) at the distribution level. This project is creating a market that is interoperable with the IESO wholesale market to offset system demand and defer, reduce or avoid the need for traditional infrastructure investment in wires solution.
  • GridExchange Transactive Energy Platform, funded by the Natural Resources Canada’s Green Infrastructure Program, is developing a transactive, blockchain-backed energy platform and app. This will offer customers the ability to participate in an energy marketplace that will feature a secure, real-time exchange and settlement process, with compensation and rewards paid instantly.
  • Completed an Alectra-wide Asset Management Strategy that has been submitted to the Ontario Energy Board.
  • $8 million multi-phase project in Hamilton (Dundas) completed.
  • $1 million to repair aged underground cables in Markham.
  • $2 million to relocate electrical distribution equipment in St. Catharines.
  • $3.6 million to upgrade and relocate distribution infrastructure in Guelph.
  • $2.5 million to renew and upgrade our equipment serving Mississauga.
  • $800,000 invested in Barrie to convert infrastructure.
  • $7 million in Vaughan to accommodate future growth.

See more in our 2020 Annual Sustainability Report.

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