Advanced Planning

Harnessing emerging technologies to enable a digitized utility of the future

Determining how utilities can more effectively embrace emerging technologies to enable a digitized utility of the future is a strategic area of focus for Alectra. 

The Advanced Planning Team at Alectra’s GRE&T Centre applies the power of technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and big data, to deliver value, choice and affordable advanced energy options for customers and local communities. This includes the development and testing of a transactive energy platform that offers grid services to customers and enables them to participate in the energy marketplace.


Harness emerging technologies

Harness emerging technologies to build innovative, customer-friendly solutions

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Apply cross-industry learnings to address complex, interdependent challenges

Climate Change Policy

Support climate change policy with clean, green energy solutions

Active Projects

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A transactive, blockchain-backed, energy platform that offers customers the ability to participate in an energy marketplace featuring a secure, real-time energy exchange, and a robust settlement process with compensation and rewards.

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Spotlight: Data as a Utility

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Data as a Utility

Alectra is partnering with the City of Guelph (Ontario) in developing Canada’s first circular food economy as part of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. The data strategy includes the establishment of a Data Utility, where data is treated and valued similarly to public utilities such as water and electricity.

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Data Utility Overview