Advanced Planning

Harnessing emerging technologies to enable a bright energy future


Determining how utilities can more effectively embrace emerging technologies to enable a digitalized utility of the future is a strategic area of focus for Alectra. The Advanced Planning team at the Alectra GRE&T Centre applies the power of technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, Internet of Things, and big data, to deliver affordable and clean advanced energy options for customers and local communities.

Harness emerging technologies

Harness emerging technologies to build innovative, customer-friendly solutions

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Apply cross-industry learnings to address complex, interdependent challenges

Climate Change Policy

Support climate change policy with clean, green energy solutions


To meet the evolving demands of the customers and to deliver their services more efficiently, utilities need to understand and leverage the disruptive technologies available today and use the insights gathered to drive actionable results. The Advanced Planning team navigates the latest market intelligence, studies emerging megatrends, understands changing customer expectations, and tests the latest digitalization tools to build the capabilities necessary to deliver new energy solutions of the future.


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Visual Intelligence for Infrastructure Management

Alectra is exploring integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and visual intelligence technologies for predictive asset management. Visual intelligence, using drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors to collect data about the condition of infrastructure, is a valuable tool but is limited due to its reliance on manual analysis of images leading to large time commitments. Alectra is leveraging machine learning algorithms to analyze high-resolution images to detect potential asset defects. This has potential to improve efficiency of asset inspections, reduce the risk of equipment failure and ensure reliable power supply for our customers.


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