Grid Innovation

Leveraging grid modernization technologies to enable a more sustainable grid.


In 2015, Alectra launched a residential solar storage pilot - POWER.HOUSE™.   This is a fully integrated, digitally controlled solution that is providing key insights about the potential to deploy residential solar at scale, as well as determining consumers’ readiness to take an active role in managing their homes’ energy efficiency. 

The pilot evaluates the economic and grid benefits of residential solar storage for consumers and Ontario’s electricity system.

View POWER.HOUSE Mass-Adoption Feasibility study for viability of deploying POWER.HOUSE at scale.

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Participating Customers view your Power.House Customer Portal here

Power.House Hybrid

The Power.House Hybrid pilot shifts energy generation from large centralized GHG emission-intensive sources to decentralized, clean generation using solar panels, in-home EV charging stations, battery storage, dispatchable hybrid heating (dual fuels, gas and electric), and combined heat and power (CHP). 

Local controls will optimize the electrical and hybrid heating technology to minimize GHG emissions within the home, any electricity not used is fed into the provincial grid to power neighbouring communities with clean energy.

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Alectra was one of the first utilities of its size in North America to build a proof-of-concept microgrid. Alectra’s microgrid, at its office in Vaughan, works like the electricity distribution grid, but instead of delivering electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers at a time, it is scalable to service targeted customers — in this case, Alectra’s Vaughan office.

The microgrid’s ability to function autonomously from the electricity distribution grid as an “island” allows it to supply energy during power outages, offering the utmost power resilience to customers and communities.    Look out for more information coming soon.

IESO York Region Non-Wire Alternative Demonstration

Alectra is supporting the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in launching Ontario’s first ever local electricity market in effort to save costs and find affordable alternatives to building new transmission infrastructure.

The local electricity market will allow resources like solar panels, energy storage, and load curtailment (reducing electricity usage on demand) to compete in live market during peak demand times. Leveraging existing local resources could help avoid the need to invest in new transmission lines and stations.

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