Grid Innovation

Leveraging grid modernization technologies to enable a more sustainable grid


Enabling a more sustainable and resilient electricity grid, by unleashing the potential of grid modernization technologies is a strategic area of focus for Alectra. The Grid Innovation team at the Alectra GRE&T Centre is leading the shift to decentralized, clean electricity generation by leveraging advanced grid core and grid edge solutions aimed at integrating, monitoring, and optimizing clean power generated by distributed energy resources into the local electricity grid.

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Enable integration of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) into the electricity grid

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Lead the shift to decentralized, clean energy generation

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Support the transition to a Distributed System Operator (DSO) model


The Grid Innovation team supports Alectra’s transition from a network operator to a platform orchestrator by designing and deploying end-to-end solutions using emerging energy technologies and services. With the demand for energy increasing and aging infrastructure reaching end-of-life, grid modernization is a key area of concern for utilities. The Grid Innovation team is engaged in piloting new initiatives, testing technologies, and building new energy markets in order to better support customers with new and efficient energy options. Through its various pilots, demonstration projects (IESO York Region Non-Wires Alternatives project) and studies, the team explores how utilities can orchestrate flexibility across the grid.


Distribution System Operators

Ontario’s energy landscape is rapidly changing with the adoption of electric vehicles, solar power, and battery storage systems. To maintain safe, reliable, and affordable electricity, distribution system operators will need to monitor how much power is being used on the grid and when usage occurs. This can be accomplished with better real-time data and advanced intelligent control systems that enable the optimum efficiency of the power grid while keeping costs down as we modernize the system. This video illustrates how we’re committed to leading the charge in this energy revolution to create a more sustainable and reliable energy future.

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Non-Wires Alternatives: Harnessing Distributed Energy Resources

Non-Wires Alternatives such as distributed energy resources can offer cost-effective and faster deployment alternatives to expensive and time-intensive infrastructure buildouts and help in reducing a utility’s impact on the environment. Integrating the growing network of local distributed energy resources into the utility landscape is increasingly becoming pivotal to the future operations of utilities. Alectra is participating in demonstrating a local energy market, testing business processes, and helping design a regulatory construct that will ensure a seamless integration of distributed energy resources into the utility’s operations.


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