Statement regarding City of Hamilton water customers
Water Drop

Alectra Utilities has completed a thorough investigation into the alleged potential breach of information related to City of Hamilton water customers.

The investigation has confirmed that no breach of customer information has occurred and Alectra has met all of its applicable privacy obligations.

We thank the City of Hamilton for exercising an abundance of caution. Alectra Utilities would like to reassure all customers that information entrusted in our care is secure.

Alectra Utilities’ customer data resides locally on Alectra-owned servers that require multi-factor authentication for authorized use by Alectra Utilities’ employees and agents. We ensure that customer information is only accessed and used for the purposes for which it was intended. 

Moreover, all agents under contract with Alectra Utilities are bound contractually and must act within the terms of agreements including provisions ensuring customer confidentiality and privacy. 

Regrettably, Alectra Utilities had not obtained written authorization from the City of Hamilton to grant access to information to some agents for the purposes of providing water billing services. Alectra Utilities is working closely with the City to correct this oversight. 

Alectra Utilities takes the security of customer information very seriously. For information about our commitment to privacy, please view our policy here.

Media Contact: John Friesen, Manager, External Communications | 24/7 Media Line: 1.833.MEDIALN

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