OEB awards $325,000 grant to Alectra for Innovative eMobility Customer Engagement Project
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Mississauga, ON - Alectra Utilities has been selected as a grant recipient through the Ontario Energy Board's (OEB) prestigious ‘Innovation Sandbox Challenge’ for its pioneering project, the "Alectra eMobility Customer Engagement Platform."

The OEB Sandbox Challenge, offered one-time funding for solutions that advance the energy sector’s understanding of how innovation can benefit consumers. The program has $1.5 million to distribute and Alectra was awarded $325,000 to support efforts to simplify the electric mobility experience for its customers – while facilitating a customer-centric approach to electrification.

In collaboration with SEW (Smart Energy Water), Alectra will implement this ground-breaking initiative. Combining their customer service perspective and extensive understanding of ongoing projects and processes, Alectra and SEW aim to empower customers with the information they need to make informed decisions about buying and charging an electric vehicle (EV) while making it easier and more affordable to get EV charging stations installed at their home.

“This funding will enable us to accelerate our mission of delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving electrification in the transportation sector,” said James Douglas, EVP, Customer Experience at Alectra Utilities. “Our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions is unwavering, and we’re thankful to the OEB for recognizing this project as it validates our dedication to these principles."

The eMobility Customer Engagement Platform aligns with Alectra’s customer service strategies and nurtures customer relationships while supporting customers’ transition to electric mobility and the integration of this new load into the efficient operation of the electricity system. The project's key objectives include: 

  • Enhance Alectra's Customer Relationships: The Alectra eMobility Customer Engagement Platform seeks to increase customer satisfaction and provide support to customers along their electrification journey. By offering personalized guidance and information, Alectra aims to strengthen its relationship with customers and ensure their electrification needs are met with the highest level of satisfaction. 
  • Influence Charging Habits and Technology Selection: The project seeks to establish Alectra’s role in supporting its customers to make decisions that best meet their needs. Through a connected and interactive experience, Alectra will support its customers’ decisions about rate plans, charging habits, and technology selection. By offering valuable insights, Alectra will help customers make choices that optimize their energy usage and costs. 

The grant and regulatory support from the OEB will empower Alectra to enhance innovation in the electricity sector as the trend of electrifying transportation continues to grow.

By putting customers at the forefront of the electrification journey, Alectra is dedicated to creating a sustainable and connected future for the communities it serves. Visit alectrautilities.com to learn more. 

About Alectra’s Family of Companies 

Serving more than one million homes and businesses in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe area, Alectra Utilities is now the largest municipally-owned electric utility in Canada, based on the total number of customers served. We contribute to the economic growth and vibrancy of the 17 communities we serve by investing in essential energy infrastructure, delivering a safe and reliable supply of electricity, and providing innovative energy solutions. 

Our mission is to be an energy ally, helping our customers and the communities we serve to discover the possibilities of tomorrow’s energy future. 

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