Hydro One and Alectra announce major investments to strengthen electricity infrastructure and improve local reliability in the Hamilton area
December 04, 2019
Hydro One and Alectra Shaking Hands

Today Hydro One Networks Inc. (Hydro One), Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution company, and Alectra Utilities announced they expect to complete approximately $250 million of work in the Hamilton area by 2022 to upgrade local electricity infrastructure and improve service reliability.

As part of these plans to strengthen the electricity grid in the Hamilton region, investments are expected to include:

  • installing quieter, more efficient transformers in four stations across Hamilton to assist in reducing the number of outages;
  • replacing protection and switching devices across the city to shorten outage restoration times;
  • refurbishing a power line originally installed in 1915 that is critical to powering the Hamilton West Mountain area; and,
  • trimming hazardous trees across more than 1,260 km of overhead powerlines and replacing more than 270 poles.

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