Alectra’s Southgate office achieves Zero Carbon Building certification from Canada Green Building Council
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Guelph, ON – Alectra is pleased to announce its Southgate office in Guelph becomes the first facility in its portfolio to achieve Zero Carbon Building certification from the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

“The Zero Carbon Building certification for Alectra’s Guelph office is a step forward in our sustainability journey and showcases Alectra’s strong commitment to environmental responsibility,” said Brian Bentz, President and CEO, Alectra Inc.

“Alectra’s achievement of becoming certified as a Zero Carbon Building helps support Guelph’s Race to Zero as the city works toward net zero carbon community status by 2050,” says Mayor Cam Guthrie, City of Guelph.

In 2021, Alectra unveiled its commitment to go net zero by 2050, solidifying its position as one of Ontario's pioneering energy distribution companies with a clear greenhouse gas emissions reduction target and timeline. The Southgate office, which houses the Alectra GRE&T Centre and has been LEED certified since 2011, was strategically identified to demonstrate the pathways to Net-Zero Buildings.

Already recognized as a clean and energy-efficient building, the Southgate office has now attained Zero Carbon Building status for 2022, making it the first retrofit project in Guelph to receive this prestigious certification from CaGBC. Notably, it also marks the first time a facility with a utility control room has achieved Zero Carbon Building status. The achievement aligns with Alectra's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and actively contributing to a sustainable future.

The success of the Southgate office is part of a broader strategy outlined in Alectra's whitepaper, which details its journey towards net zero and highlights the steps taken during the retrofitting process. Please read the whitepaper here.


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