Alectra’s GRE&T Centre 2021 Annual Report highlights the innovation hub’s achievements
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Guelph, ON – Alectra Inc. released the Alectra Green Energy and Technology Centre (GRE&T Centre) 2021 Annual Report entitled, “Where great minds collaborate to power a better tomorrow.”

The Alectra GRE&T Centre was established in 2019. It is the company’s innovation facility dedicated to identifying, evaluating, developing, and accelerating new, clean, and customer-friendly energy solutions. These include e-mobility (EV) adoption projects and distributed energy resource (DER) demand response activation pilots.

“The Alectra GRE&T Centre provides us with the resources to proactively engage with our customers and energy innovators so that we can help lead the transition to a modern, consumer-driven interconnected energy system.” said Brian Bentz, President and CEO, Alectra Inc.

The 2021 annual report highlights the Alectra GRE&T Centre’s latest achievements and innovations to support our changing energy landscape and to support our customers as they navigate cleaner and more empowering energy options.

Some of the achievements featured in the Alectra GRE&T Centre 2021 Annual Report include:

  • Receiving the Ontario Energy Association (OEA) Innovation Award in recognition of the breakthrough ideas, new technology, and creative adaptation of existing technology in Alectra GRE&T Centre projects.
  • Advancing multiple e-Mobility initiatives to better support customers, businesses, and municipalities as they transition to electric vehicles.
  • Reaching a historic milestone for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Canada when DERs participating in the IESO York Region Non-Wires Alternatives Demonstration were activated for the first time to help reduce local peak demand during a heatwave in southern Ontario.
  • Helping customers reach their sustainability goals through Alectra GRE&T Centre pilot projects
    • During the 3-month GridExchange pilot 21 residential customers delivered/reduced a total of 4,881 kWh, a savings of 1,606 kWh, and a reduction of 294 kgCO2.
    • In 2021, the 32 homes in the POWER.HOUSE and Power.House Hybrid pilots saved approximately 70,000 kgCO2.

The Alectra GRE&T Centre 2021 Annual Report presents the company’s progress in becoming Canada’s leading provider of distribution and integrated energy solutions. The focus is on creating a future where people, businesses, communities and the environment will benefit from energy’s full potential. Alectra is proud to share how GRE&T Centre projects are contributing to positioning the energy sector on the path to deliver clean, customer-friendly energy solutions to power a better tomorrow.

Alectra invites everyone to view its Alectra GRE&T Centre 2021 Annual Report on the Alectra website at or to download a copy of the report in PDF format.

About Alectra Inc.

Serving more than one million homes and businesses in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe area, Alectra Utilities is now the largest municipally-owned electric utility in Canada, based on the total number of customers served. We contribute to the economic growth and vibrancy of the 17 communities we serve by investing in essential energy infrastructure, delivering a safe and reliable supply of electricity, and providing innovative energy solutions.

Our mission is to be an energy ally, helping our customers and the communities we serve to discover the possibilities of tomorrow’s energy future.

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