Alectra working to restore power across its service territory
December 01, 2019
Power wires being repaired on a snowy road

HAMILTON – Freezing rain, wet snow and high winds are damaging powerlines as a result of tree contacts and causing numerous outages.

Across the service territory approximately 18,600 homes and businesses are without power. Most outages are in the Hamilton and St. Catharines areas. Alectra emergency crews are gradually restoring  power as repair work proceeds, and will be continuing this work over night. Additional crews have been called in from surrounding Alectra service territory to assist in the restoration efforts.

In the event of downed powerlines, stay at least 10 metres away (the length of a school bus), and call 911 immediately. To report outages, Alectra Utilities’ customers should fill out an online form.

Alectra’s System Control Centre continuously monitors weather forecasts and storm models and mitigation strategies are being made to prepare line crews and additional field and communications staff to respond in the event the situation evolves. If you experience a power outage, you can find frequent updates through our Twitter channel @AlectraNews or visiting the outage map on our website:

Alectra Utilities reminds all customers of the importance of having an emergency kit in the event of a sustained power outage. It is recommended that emergency kits include: medicine, first aid supplies, flashlights, new batteries, a battery-operated radio, a manual can opener, canned food, bottled water, blankets, food for pets and important telephone numbers for family doctors, schools, daycare and insurance companies.

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