AODA – Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) Policy



This policy applies to all Alectra employees, Board Directors, contractors, and consultants and their interactions with each other.



2.1 To provide the overarching framework that guides the review and development of other corporate policies, standards, procedures and guidelines with a commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment while complying with the standards developed under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (“AODA”), 2005.

2.2 To provide a Statement of Commitment that highlights Alectra’s organizational commitment to meet the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities ensuring a culture of inclusivity and care.

2.3 To provide the general requirements that are applicable to all Alectra IASR procedures, prioritizing accessibility, respect and the well-being of all employees.

2.4 To establish the Integrated Accessibility Standards, Ontario Regulation 191/11 for Alectra in accordance with the AODA, 2005.



3.1 Alectra is committed to treating all individuals in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. Alectra believes in the principles of integration and equal opportunity and is committed to creating a barrier-free environment by identifying, removing and preventing barriers that may limit persons with disabilities to foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere. 

3.2 Alectra will ensure that programs, services, goods, information, facilities, vehicles and employment opportunities meet the needs of persons with disabilities through the implementation of this policy.

3.3 Alectra will use reasonable efforts in meeting the needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner promoting a culture of respect and consideration.

3.4 To ensure Alectra is in compliance with AODA, 2005 we commit to ensuring compliance with IASR standards through the development of policies, procedures and work instructions.

4. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS (Applicable to all Alectra IASR Procedures)


4.1 Alectra will establish, implement, maintain and document a multi-year accessibility plan outlining its strategy to prevent and remove barriers and meet its requirements under the IASR, emphasizing our commitment to accessibility, respect, and employee well-being. Annual status reports will be prepared that will report on the progress of the steps taken to implement Alectra’s accessibility plan. Accessibility plans will be made available in an accessible format, upon request.

4.2 Alectra will incorporate accessibility criteria and features when procuring or acquiring goods, services or when renovating/upgrading and building facilities. The only exception is in cases where it is impracticable to do so.

4.3 Alectra will incorporate accessibility features when designing, procuring or acquiring self-service kiosks.

4.4 Accessibility Training

Training will be provided to each person according to their needs and duties, and as soon as it is practicable after the person is assigned the applicable duties. Training will be provided as part of the orientation training package for new employees and on an ongoing basis in connection with changes to policies, procedures and practices governing the provision of goods or services to persons with disabilities.

All training curriculum will be designed to ensure all participants are aware of and understand all IASR Standards and their related duties.

Alectra will maintain records on the training provided, when it was provided and the number of employees that were trained.

4.5 All documents will be made publicly available and, on request, they will be provided in an accessible format.


5.1 Employees

  • Review, adhere and attend training on all policy and procedure requirements with the goal of creating a supportive and inclusive workplace 
  • Communicate their accessibility requirements to their supervisor and/or People Services and Health and Safety to ensure that they can perform their duties comfortably and effectively
5.2 People Leader / Immediate Leader

  • Review, adhere and attend training on all policy and procedure requirements 
  • Ensure that they are familiar with the needs of any direct reports and that the appropriate accommodations are in place to assist the employee with any barriers promoting an atmosphere of understanding and support
5.3 Alectra Internal AODA Committee

  • Attend committee meetings to review all customer feedback and associated corrective action items 
  • Conduct annual review to ensure completion of the multi-year plan, upholding our dedication to meeting accessibility standards
  • Assume responsibility for the completion of outstanding actions for their area of responsibility and report back to the Committee as required 
  • Provide support to People Leaders as required to ensure AODA compliance, ensuring that every team member feels supported and valued
5.4 Managers, Human Resources

  • Act as the Internal AODA Committee Leads, driving Alectra’s commitment to accessibility, inclusivity and the well-being of employees
  • Prepare an annual summary of customer feedback and associated corrective action items for AODA Committee to review
  • Provide updates and a summary of customer feedback to Executive Committee and Human Resources Compensation Committee as required
  • Ensure the retention of all documentation related to AODA
  • Lead the review of AODA policy, procedures and multi-year plan as required for the Internal AODA Committee
5.5 Customer Service, Facilities, Procurement, Information Technology and People Services Leads

  • Receive customer, employee and public feedback for their respective department
  • Prepare and provide responses in a timely manner, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and valued
  • Provide the Managers, Human Resources with all customer feedback forms and associated corrective actions
5.6 Regulatory Lead

  • Complete compliance reports for the Ministry of Labour as required
5.7 Health & Safety Lead

  • Prepare and update emergency procedures, plans or public safety information and make it available to the public, upon request
  • Store individual workplace emergency response information for employees in a secure area
  • Work with employees and their managers to ensure the workplace emergency response information is understood and can be seamlessly implemented in the case of an emergency
  • Review individual workplace emergency response information for employees when:
    • Employees move to a different location in the organization
    • Employee’s overall accommodation needs or plans are reviewed; and
    • General emergency policies are reviewed
  • Develop and maintain a written process for the development of documented individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities



6.1 Customer Service Standards Procedure (CORP-PRO-016A)

6.2 Design of Public Spaces Standards Procedure (CORP-PRO-016B)

6.3 Employment Standards Procedure (CORP-PRO-016C)

6.4 Information and Communications Standards Procedure (CORP-PRO-016D)



7.1 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005

7.2 Integrated Accessibility Standards (Ontario Regulation 191/11)

7.3 Alectra Utilities Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

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