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Vaccine Policy

Visitor, Contractor and Vendor Vaccine Policy



1.1 Alectra Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, our clients, business partners, and members of the public with whom we regularly interact.

1.2 In our day-to-day operations, Alectra has a responsibility to take every precaution reasonable to ensure the health and safety of our workplace. It is critical that Alectra and our business partners protect against the transmission of the illnesses associated with COVID-19. Receiving the recommended COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible, and any further recommended booster vaccinations, will help continue to protect our team and our families against COVID-19.

1.3 The purpose of this Vaccination Policy (herein referred to as the “Policy”) is to identify Alectra’s expectations and requirements of visitors with respect to the COVID-19 vaccinations.



2.1 This Policy applies to clients, suppliers, vendors, contractors, community members, and all other visitors entering Alectra premises (herein referred to as “Attendees”).



A. Proof of Vaccination Required

3.1 Alectra strongly supports recommendations by the provincial and federal governments, and associated public health authorities that, where possible, everyone be vaccinated against COVID-19. Knowing your vaccination status helps us determine the COVID-19 hazard level and what safety measures are necessary.

3.2 Accordingly, as of November 12, 2021 Alectra will require all Attendees to provide satisfactory proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to their entering Alectra premises. For the purposes of this Policy:

(a) “Alectra premises” includes any location where an employee is engaged in work for Alectra, including but not limited to work locations owned, leased, or managed by Alectra e.g., buildings, parking garages (internal and external), grounds and yards.

(b) “Vaccination” means all recommended doses of the vaccine and the passage of at least 14 days since your last dose.

(c) “Proof of COVID-19 vaccination” means Attendees must provide documentation or show a record (including an electronic record) issued by a provincial health authority or equivalent, or from a licensed healthcare provider, confirming full vaccination. For individuals vaccinated in Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of Health-issued COVID-19 vaccination receipts, and photo ID (for those over 19) will be considered sufficient proof of vaccination.

3.3 Satisfactory proof of your COVID-19 vaccination can be provided to the Alectra Management and or Security Staff that you will be interacting with at the location you wish to attend.

3.4 If an Attendee cannot provide proof of vaccination but still wishes to attend Alectra’s premises requests for accommodation shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis as required by Alectra’s occupational health and safety and legal obligations and to identify, on an individual basis, any accommodation obligations.

B. Consequences of Non-Compliance with the Policy

3.5 If an Attendee cannot or will not provide proof of vaccination as required under this Policy and/or does not provide a satisfactory rationale for not being vaccinated and/or does not comply with any requirements of this Policy, Alectra will review all the circumstances and relevant information to implement appropriate actions necessary to protect the health and safety of its employees at all locations. .

(a) Such actions may include but are not limited to barring or restricting the Attendee’s access to Alectra premises, using electronic means to communicate with the Attendee or to facilitate their business with Alectra, and/or arranging the delivery of product or services in a manner that avoids proximity with the Attendee.

3.6 There is no guarantee that Attendees who cannot or will not provide proof of vaccination will be able to attend Alectra premises with accommodations.

C. Compliance with Public Health Recommendations and Company Policies

3.7 Even where fully vaccinated, all Attendees continue to be required to follow public health recommendations and directives, and Alectra policies regarding the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as physical distancing and hygiene requirements. In addition, Alectra requires compliance with all screening protocols deemed appropriate by Alectra prior to entry to its premises. Any screening protocol or other directive that may be issued by Alectra will continue as required, and all such protocols and directives will be periodically re-assessed by Alectra and adjusted as appropriate.

3.8 Attendees continue to be barred from attendance on Alectra’s property when they are sick (symptomatic of COVID-19 or otherwise) or deemed to be asymptomatic close contacts of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

3.9 Attendees who are sick (symptomatic of COVID-19 or otherwise) are strongly encouraged to seek medical advice and support.



4.1 Alectra takes the confidentiality of personal information seriously. Information concerning proof of vaccination and any related personal information will be kept private and confidential.

4.2 Information collected under this Policy will not be disclosed except as may be required for the purposes of ensuring the safety of attendees, employees, contactors, other customers/clients, and our local community in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, or as otherwise may be required by law. The information collected will not be used for any purpose other than those outlined by and related directly to this Policy.



5.1 Alectra recognizes that we remain in a rapidly changing environment due to COVID-19. Accordingly, Alectra may amend this Policy as it deems necessary or appropriate, as relevant circumstances change. At all times, it will be applied in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Ontario Human Rights Code, and all other applicable law(s).

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